Communicate better to love each other better

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It is possible to stay in love for a lifetime no matter the trials you may face! 

You have been married for several years and you’ve started having children, but your dream of being the ideal Christian couple seems a distant dream instead of being a real part of your life. 

  • You feel like you are at a turning point
  • You have a hard time understanding each other and you no longer hear each other
  • Your conversations often turn into explosive arguments
  • You must put so much effort in and see so few results
  • You often question your life and your choices
  • Wounds for the past often resurface and cause pain
  • You feel like you're at a dead end
  • You are doing everything you know to make it work but it's never enough
  • You feel so alone in the situation, you don’t dare tell anyone
  • Your sexual intimacy is suffering and it is becoming less and less frequent  

You were best friends and were deeply in love, but you are becoming enemies.

You have almost lost hope...

The good news is, that your relationship on every level can be more passionate than when it started !

We have had the opportunity to help thousands of couples around the world, through prive counseling, conferences or via our resources on “TopChrétien” and YouTube. Unfortunately, we see the same scenario over and over again. At the beginning of their marriage, couples are passionately in love, but as years go by and children arrive, they often come close to the breaking point.

The statistics are unfortunate but too true :
We are not taught how to communicate effectively in marriage !

We experienced this sad truth in our own marriage. We were only newlyweds when we became parents of five children. At the same time, we took on more and more responsibilities; we were teachers, pastors, missionaries, and therapists. Adding to all of this, sickness invited itself into our lives. We can affirm that we have been severely tested and that our relationship has sometimes paid the price! Many times we felt an imbalance had settled between the two of us and we had to redefine our roles, often feeling like we were losing all control of the situation. But these were the moments when we turned to God for help to try to understand the why behind all of this…

Even though we were suffering and feeling stuck in this situation,
we knew we were missing something.

The catalyst for change came thanks to a divine appointment with a married couple that were Christian counselors. They enabled us to equip ourselves with several keys to better communication. Their impact was so powerful on our marriage and the transformation so profound that we wanted to share these keys with others.

 Yes, it is possible to cultivate a loving, passionate relationship in marriage, while navigating through the storms of family life. Life often hurt us, but God has planned great things for marriage. Even if sometimes the foundations of the marriage are not good, the challenge is to keep on learning and changing.




David & Hélène Bonhomme

We felt that a new season in our life was coming. We had more responsibilities and more opportunities to impact people. We wanted to be sure our relationship had the foundation it needed to be ready for all these changes. The Dufours listened to us closely and gave us the keys to unlock strength to make it through crisis situations and to deal with the areas in our marriage we could barely even speak about.  We are now much stronger!


Eric & Muriel Célérier

Eric and Rachel Dufour are excellent counselors. They gave us relevant tools to better understand each other. They are a real blessing for us and our family, and we are sure they will be for you too. Thank you, Eric and Rachel, for all you are and do!

The thousands of people we have helped have enabled us to discover the key is to learn to communicate better and understand each other better.

We have heard these kinds of accusations over and over again:

  • "She distorts everything I say"
  • "I feel like he never hears me"
  • "I feel like I'm speaking to a brick wall"
  • "He talks, but nothing changes"
  • "She gets carried away over nothing" 

Do these sentences sound familiar?

Very often the problem is communication. We use certain expressions and words because we grew up hearing our parents use them and they are familiar to us.  This way of talking can often be destructive to the relationship.

To discover your communication skill level and what is blocking your relationship now

First step: Take inventory and inspect what is inside your relationship!

The saddest thing would be to give up!
The devil wants us to believe that there is no hope, that it is over and impossible... But life is full of challenges! Don’t let divorce slowly become an option. Don’t move forward with these thoughts and believe the illusion that divorce will “fix” the situation. In many cases the problems are just temporary.  The devastation from divorce would be permanent, devastating your children, those around you and your very soul.

On the other hand, deciding to work to heal your marriage, by examining your own actions and letting God change what He wants to change, will prepare you for a full and meaningful married life! We have seen this happen hundreds of times, even in the most horrific situations including, adultery, violence, betrayal and lies.

If you want your marriage to be a source of comfort and fulfillment, it is essential you improve your communication skills!


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